Valentine, The Ill-Cursed Woman

There are many OCS I’ve made over the years, many reaching back — like Kaza the angel (really!) when i was like, 12, before my dad died. However, the most important ones are:

Valentine (a woman who was forced to be a dancer, she had blonde hair that was long), in a story with a druid-like werewolf called Magic and a mage called Forest. Forest was the eponymous main character of this series (which I lovingly, and very simply, called “Rpg Girls”). She would end up going on one of many routes (decided by the player, in an choose your own adventure style; it was being built in Twine) – i had thought up many endings, like Shadow The Hedgehog, with each section named their own things, because I thought that was a cool thing. One common thread in most of these routes was that Forest would rescue Valentine from this life that she’d been born into, and Valentine would feel indebted to Forest for saving her from a shitty life.

Vivian Shadowywings (an angel woman with brown hair that wore a yellow dress) – she was an standin for myself, and treated horribly by most people around her for something she couldn’t help (her wings). She had a few different story iterations; I never was able to settle on one for her. I eventually stopped liking to draw her as much, because generally when I did, it meant I was in a very bad place mentally, and I used her to vent. A lot of the story elements you see are from Vivian’s stories in particular, althoguh there are a few from the Rpg Girls version of Valentine.

Redwood (my version of red riding hood) – Red Riding Hood has always been an inspiring fable to me, and I wanted to do an visual novel about a girl who became a werewolf one night out, and found herself feeling like she was a terrible person. But she found love and acceptance in a lumberjack woman, called Colleen, and her grandmother was also very welcoming to her.

Valentine is a combination of these three characters in one, as sort of a way to consolidate it. There are many themes and elements from these 3’s stories in Valentine.