Marquis Vanity, Keeper Of Knowledge

Marquis Vanity, Keeper Of Knowledge

His signature color is Purple.

his Influence is Stars Of The Marquis.

His Vices are an extension of his Curiosity.

“I wish to discuss NOTHING with you!

I have important research to do! I need to look into the stars!

I can feel it… There’s something. I’m beginning to think Sloth is right.

But not exactly, either…

You! Minion! Go fetch me details about the Ruined King’s Old Den! I don’t care if it burns you up– do it! I need this! I need the Answers….
I need them so I can assist!

I am useless if my knowledge can not serve I and my compatriots, no less my to-be-bride!

. . .

Didn’t I tell you to leave already?!

–Marquis Vanity, overheard admonishing one of his Vices.

This Sin Bank hasn’t yet been Revealed!

Do you still wish to gaze upon his True Form?

Or would you like to… sneak a peek at what lies below his Guise?