Lord Lust, Ruler Of Reflection

Lord Lust, Ruler Of Reflection.

His signature color is Pink.

his Influence is Lust’s Embrace.

His Vices are an extension of his Acceptance.

“Have you ever imbibed of Love Potion, Mortal?
Oh, you haven’t? That’sss fair, honessstly…

Either way, I want asss much of it asss you can ssspare!

I will grant you one ssspecial wisssh for it…

Hm? What do I do with love Potion?

Hehehe! Well, you sssee, that’s a sssecret… And only I and my Bride will get to know!

That’sss right! Lord Lussst is betrothed! The Marquisss wassss talking about it the other day–

Hm? You want me to ssstop talking and fulfill our deal? Well, alright, then! Sssooo…. What did you want again? Also, what flavor is that love potion? I hope it’sss red, red tassstesss like applesss… applesss are my favorite…”

–R.W. Moonstealer’s transcript of a deal that he had the honor of witnessing Lust making with a Sun-Soaked.

This Sin Bank has been Revealed!

Do you wish to gaze upon his truthful shape?