Knight Avarice, Treasurer Of All That glitters

Knight Avarice, Treasurer Of All That glitters

His signature color is Yellow.

his Influence is Knight Avarice’s Treasury.

His Vices are an extension of his Shared Wealth.

“Hm? There appears to be a rumor circulating among the Dreams that I sometimes trick particularly unsavory Dreams into making a deal with me, knowing they’ll inevitably end up betraying me?
Hmm… Yes, that’s true.

They make the tastiest meals, though. Their fear as they realize they are subject to the consequences of their actions… it’s IMMACULATE!

Storyland has no need for more pain akin to the likes that my Bride has experienced, after all.

It would make her heart cry out in sorrow, and I do so dislike to see her sad.

Knight Avarice, answering an inquiry about a rumor, to an slightly concerned Sea Demon.

This Sin Bank has not yet been Revealed!

Do you still wish to lay your eyes upon his glittering scales?