Duke Gluttony, Embodiment of Delicacy

Duke Gluttony, Embodiment Of Delicacy.

His signature color is Orange.

his Influence is Gluttony’s Desire.

His Vices are an extension of his generosity.

” the feeling of being hungry… It’s one I know all too well, but I manage to fill it up well.

However, that woman… My – our – bride…

She knows it so well, and has experienced it so much, that the absence of it was what told her she was dead.

How awful is that, my dear?

That feeling of being hungry… Imagine feeling like that all the time… I quake in horror…

It’s inconceivable.

I want to ask her…

No, that’s a question for her only, not for you.

–One of Duke Gluttony’s many tangents when drunk.

No one has been able to figure out what he wants to ask his bride.

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