Count Sloth, Realm of Dreams & Nightmares

Count Sloth, Realm of Dreams & Nightmares.

His signature color is Blue.

his Influence is Sloth’s Leisure.

His Vices are an extension of his Soothing.

“If you’re nothing but an Illusion, and you’re aware of it…
…Do you exist? That’s my question, [R.W].

What if one day…. One day, something happened, to make all of you, realize what I’ve known all along?

Ah…. Yes, I can see you don’t particularly care to hear my thoughts on the topic.

No, don’t mind me, then. Now isn’t the time to ponder this capricious matter; we have a deal to make, it would seem.”

–A conversation I, R.W., happened to have with Count Sloth of the Sin Banks.

This Sin Bank has been Revealed!

Do you wish to gaze upon his truthful shape?

Or would you rather take a trip into…. the mind of Sloth?