There are many OCS I’ve made over the years, many reaching back — like Kaza the angel (really!) when i was like, 12, before my dad died. However, the most important ones are:

Valentine (a woman who was forced to be a dancer, she had blonde hair that was long), in a story with a druid-like werewolf called Magic and a mage called Forest. Forest was the eponymous main character of this series (which I lovingly, and idiotically, called “Rpg Girls”). She would end up going on one of many routes (by the player, in an choose your own adventure style) – i had thought up many endings, like Shadow The Hedgehog, with each section named their own things, because I thought that was a cool thing. One common thread in most of these routes was that Forest would rescue Valentine from this life, and Valentine would feel indebted to Forest for saving her from a shitty life.

Vivian Shadowywings (an angel woman with brown hair that wore a yellow dress) – she was an standin for myself, and treated horribly by most people around her for something she couldn’t help (her wings). She had a few different story iterations; I never was able to settle on one for her. I eventually stopped liking to draw her as much, because generally when I did, it meant I was in a very bad place mentally, and I used her to vent.

Redwood (my version of red riding hood) – Red Riding Hood has always been an inspiring fable to me, and I wanted to do an visual novel about a girl who became a werewolf one night out, and found herself feeling like she was a terrible person. But she found love and acceptance in a lumberjack woman, called Colleen, and her grandmother was also very welcoming to her.

Valentine is a combination of these three characters in one, as sort of a way to consolidate it. There are many themes and elements from these 3’s stories in Valentine.