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What You’re Missing

is an ongoing digital artbook of sorts by Princessnapped, an illustrator by trade. AKA Me, the deaf lady who likes to do TF (Transformation) art & draw girls.

WURM is an personal project of mine and has been bouncing around in my head for literally at least a decade and a half, just in a scattered way up to now. Finally it is beginning to take shape.

It is inspired by many things that that have engraved their meanings into my hearts.

It is a story about a hot hunky wolf furry who finds a girl in his garden one day, and finds that she’s deaf. However, she’s also a human, and he’s never seen one before – they don’t exist.

Not in his world, anyway – and that’s exactly the problem, for Rowan.

Who is this girl? Where did she come from? Why does she seem to lack any natural defenses, like teeth, claws, horns, poison?

The most pressing concern, however – is how to talk with her, because she can’t hear, and she can’t talk.

What does this comic mean to do, exactly?

it is simply me attempting to show what I would like to see in a story about a disabled person; from the lens OF a disabled person with chronic pain, who has grown up in misery; it is a story, ultimately, about acceptance.

However, there are heavy themes of Dissociation, Derealization, Loss of self, extreme Neglect, and distressing situations – as I have dealt with, and experienced, and still do experience, these all quite a lot. Especially dissociation and derealization!

Why did you call this a FOREWORD?

I was inspired to write a Foreword, because as a kid – and even now – I still enjoy reading forewords, because in a lot of them, people put what is important, what they’re thankful, to, and it’s a small look into how the person thinks. It’s often where they put dedications.

This comic – What You’re Missing, aka WURM – is heavily inspired by the trauma i have experienced, as a result of a lot of htings out of my control.

But it is also a form of catharsis for me; to realize I am safe with the friends that I love very much. That I can finally process my trauma.

So, thank you to:

Chu; Paps; Ease; Junie; Sot; Fools; Wingu

You all are wonderful folks whom I cherish and value very deeply.


Slightly Damned by Chu
(sweet ol’ story about how found family is much more golden than bonds of blood!
cmon I shill this one so much you gotta know it’s my fav

it’s a very cute comic about an angel and a demon and a furry, and the angel and demon smooch! It’s very sweet, and it’s a very beautiful comic; it is a little rough at first, but I super recommend it. It’s one of my absolute favorite pieces of media ever, and it is a very big inspiration for a lot of WURM. It is beautiful, and there is a lot of anime inspiration that I just absolutely eat up like nothing else! The characters are all incredibly likable for me, even the villains.

Forgotten by Celine
(hell, yeah! CATS! wait, they’re in a cult?!)

A beautiful comic about surrealism and the real meaning of talent – or is it? This comic is very jarring, in the best way possible, and it’s beautiful. It describes a lot of feelings I have very easily! It’s very heavily inspired by WARRIORS by Erin Hunter, but it is very much NOT Warriors But As A Comic – it is its own thing, and its characters are beautifully written and intriguing. I really love celine’s coloring a lot in particular. Warning for some pretty intense stuff later in it!

Yokoka’s Quest by Chris
(cat wants to adventure really bad and thinks she’s better at fighting than she is)

This one is gorgeous! the creator of it also has bad chronic pain & stuff, but they still try on to make things from their mind. It’s very inspiring. The artstyle is really cute, i admire the coloring skill, and I love the design of the characters & World. (My favorite characters are Yfa & Grace! So good… the one thing they have in common and totally bond over is how much of a nusiance but fun yokoka is…)

SlumberTown by Macxidy
(this one is a total mystery! (for the protagonist, anyway.))

sweet anxious dog lady finds herself in a beat down little town with a lot of little problems and no memories and a whole lotta anxiety. I really like the artstyle of it – it’s fun to see how well and accurately they draw animals, & it has some very creative panel design!

Inkbolt by Kaz –
(a love letter to bouncy old black-and-white cartoons, with intrigue)

this comic is by a good friend of mine, and he nails down a bunch of the squishy quality to old stuff like who framed roger rabbit? and the like! It’s been a lot of fun seeing how he illustrates everything so far, and his sense of action is really rather incredible! he nails down that cute kinda toony furry style, too, while offering something incredibly unique to him!

Candy Store Vampire by Loveycloud
(a very cute vampire romance!)

I haven’t drawn any fanart for this yet (at the time of writing this; 10/24/2021) but I so badly want to. It’s a very sweet, charming, story about a vampire and a girl who owns a candy store! They’re all very sweet, and the characters are incredibly written. It’s incredibly funny, too! I love Laine especially!


way too much tbh

top things are probably slightly damned, delicious in dungeon, little red riding hood, where the wild things are, hellboy, tales of symphonia, skies of arcadia, paper mario, paper mario ttyd, and Okami

other things i like a ton and indirectly inspire are things like werewolves, van helsing, digimon, dragon quest, pokemon, animals in general, xenoblade 2, etc.